Solace has been doing shows since before we were even a church.  The past few years have seen a decline in attendance and general involvement.  Shows have always been important to us and is not something we want to see go away.  Shows for Solace have a very multifaceted purpose for us.  Our intent has always been that this be a service to the community, to help grow and maintain a healthy music scene and encourage artistic expression through music.  We also appreciate the opportunity it allows for us as individual people to invest into the lives of the bands that play our stage, and the fans that come to watch them.  Being able to reflect Christ's love into the lives of the underground music community has been a tremendous blessing for us.  

Despite all the difficulties that have sprung up over the years our drive and desire to offer this service and continue to make life investments into this community has not changed.  it has become clear however that there is need for some restructuring of our approach.  

Effective immediately Solace will no longer be booking or promoting shows (with few exceptions).  We are turning the music scene back over to the local bands.  Bands will book the shows, they will promote them, if they want to charge a cover they will keep the money.  There will be no cost to them to use our stage and sound outside of a $35 per show fee to pay our 'sound man'.  Details on this will be coming soon.