Solace is a small independent church

located in the downtown area of

Joplin Missouri @ 813 S. Main St.

We meet together on Sunday MORNINGS @11Am   

All are welcome to come as you are.  No dress code or belief required. 

Solace Church exists to come together as a family in the body of Christ and enter into worship with God our creator, the Lord of all, and his Son, Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit.  We attempt to center our lives around the thoughts and ideas presented in The Holy Bible.  Solace Church believes in love. We continually strive to love each other, to love the world outside the church, and to work diligently on reflecting His love to those around us. We believe that true love comes from Jesus and we desire to live out community with one another through His love.  We live together, work together, love and serve together; we are an abundant community overflowing with indispensable relationships. Solace Church exists to help people to fulfill their purpose and calling in life; a calling given by Christ our King.


A place to seek rest, hope and healing.  A place of transparency and honesty offered up by the broken, for the broken.